PC  Youth is a place that exists to EMPOWER students with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to be FILLED UP by the spirit and fire of God, in order to be RELEASED to make a difference in the world.

We meet at 510 Mohawk Rd W Peoples Church Hamilton. Friday night's we meet in the Blair Room. Sunday mornings we meet in the Youth Lounge (a.k.a the "everything" lounge). **Subject to change, based on special events and time of year.** Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to remain in the loop!

Friday nights, for grades 6-12, doors open @6pm. Sunday mornings, for grades 6-8, we meet 30mins after main services begin @10am, and @11:45am. **Subject to change, based on special events and time of year.** We begin the 2nd week of September, and continue until the last week of June. We continue weekly throughout the summer months, but it is not regular service, we do special events instead.

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