What To Expect

We hope you find Peoples Church to be a warm and welcoming place with friendly people. We are not perfect and thankfully Jesus doesn’t expect you to be either. We come as we are and you can come as you are too.

When you visit, a member of our Welcome Team will greet you at the door. They will be glad to let you know where everything is. If you have children they can attend a kids program while you attend Service. Click here form more information about our programming for children on Sunday.   

Join us at 9:30am and 11:15am on Sunday morning for what we call Service. This is when we gather together to give thanks back to God in the form of personal reflection, singing, clapping, lifting our hands, and sometimes even a little dancing. This is what we call Worship.


We also spend time listening to an inspirational talk involving The Bible. You might hear this called a Sermon or the Message. After Service we welcome you to stay and hangout with us a little for coffee and refreshments.  

Here are some other things you might want to know...

We don’t have a set dress code. We have people that dress up like a member of a royal family and others who wear jeans. It is up to you. Just be comfortable.

You don’t need to be a Christian or a member of our church to visit.

You don’t need a bible to come.

We have two main entrances: one at the front (facing Mohawk Rd.) and one at the back (off Jaunita Dr.). The main parking lot is located around the back of the building. Accessible Parking is located at the front and back of the building.