Core Values

Leading people to Jesus and what matters most; Faith, Hope and Love.

Peoples Church Core Values

We believe in the Value of Every Life (Outreach/ Evangelism)

  • We believe everyone deserves to be known, prayed for & cared for
  • We care about one another to the point that we put others before ourselves
  • We believe every life has a plan and a purpose
  • We care that every person has the opportunity to hear about Jesus

We believe in Community (Fellowship)

  • We believe a Godly life is shared and spent in relationship with others in the church and beyond
  • We can accomplish more together than apart
  • We are a multi-cultural and multi-generational church
  • We invest in the church internationally, nationally, provincially and locally

We believe worship is a lifestyle, led by the Spirit and based on God’s Word (Worship)

  • We preach the truth of the Bible from the pulpit and with our lives
  • We are passionate in our worship
  • We are a creative, forward thinking, life filled people and church

We believe in Spiritual Growth and Developing Leaders (Discipleship)

  • We believe all Christians should be learning and growing personally
  • We are intentional about training others to be self-feeding and self-motivated
  • We believe everyone is uniquely gifted
  • We value the equipping and releasing of people to minister to others

We believe in Living a Life of Service (Ministry)

  • We spend our lives on Godly pursuits
  • We believe real ministry happens in real time (not just Sundays) Being Available
  • We are generous with our time and talents
  • We believe in creating a culture of financial generosity