Peoples Church expands parking, upgrades daycare playground

A west Mountain church is wrapping up an $800,000 upgrade to its daycare centre and parking lot.

Peoples Church has added a large play structure and splash pad to its Little Peoples Day Care and increased parking by about 100 spaces to serve its growing congregation.

About three years ago, church administrators began looking at changes they would like to see over the next two decades, said executive director Willie Brown.

The first phase had to include the parking lot because of the bottleneck it created with just 150 spaces.

“The church is growing and parking was becoming an issue.”

“The church is growing and parking was becoming an issue,” said Brown.

He said the church didn’t want to move out of the community it is serving, so it planned to make the most of the land it already owns at 510 Mohawk Rd. West.

Moving the playground, which was located across the parking lot away from the daycare portion of the building, allowed more parking spaces to be created.

The play equipment was moved next to the daycare and refinished. A new and larger structure was installed, a splash pad was added and foam padding was laid underneath artificial grass across the entire new enlarged play area.

Work began in June. During the renovations, a shuttle bus has been operating between Sir Allan MacNab Secondary School and the church to serve parishioners.

The parking lot, when completed, will have about 250 spaces.

“Now that we have all this parking, we can expand inside,” said Brown.

Phase two, coming over the next few years, will include expansion of the auditorium and lobby as well as creating an indoor play area at the 42-year-old church.

Peoples Church is planning an open house for the early fall to highlight the changes. See thepc.ca.

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