Here at Peoples Church Hamilton we are all about PEOPLE. No surprise there. We love People. We help people. We serve people. We encourage people.  We pray for people.  We welcome people … and yes this includes you! Join us as we pursue an authentic and thriving relationship with Jesus Christ together. What does this look like? Well, we love getting together weekly. Our church is multi-generational and multi-cultural. We are a mix of mature believers*, new believers, and even those trying to figure out what to believe. 

Our Sunday Services, Wednesday Night Life Groups, Kids Programs, and special events are all designed to be uplifting and connecting experiences.  Let’s face it -  life (and death) can be hard. But, you can live in FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE with God and others. The truth is you can't do it alone ... let’s do it together! Connect with us here

*the term "believers" in our church indicates someone who believes that Jesus Christ is Lord and endeavors to follow His teachings from the Bible.